Property Laws

Property Laws

No one can give better Title what they have themselves. If it is a defective Title it will continue as defective to be even after multiple transfers.

  • Property Law signifies a demonstration by which an individual passes on the property to at least one person, or himself.
  • Property law deals with transfers by one co-owner and also deals with the rights of a transferee.
  • As per Registration Act, a property more than Rs.100/- are needed to be registered.
  • Failure to register property, puts in grave danger and will have no evidence to present in Court if there is a disagreement.
  • The primary T.P. Act, 1882, governs the sale, exchange, mortgage, lease, and the gift of both movable and immovable property.
  • Section 6 of T.P. Act, 1882 states that a person cannot transfer anything which is interest restricted in its enjoyment to him.

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