Civil Cases

Civil Cases

Civil Cases normally will be of Damage to Property, Probate Issues, Family Issues, Divorce, Landlord and Tenant Disputes, Juvenile Misconduct, Unpaid Personal Loan.

  • A civil case is a dispute between two citizens in which one person sues another.
  • A civil case includes description of incident, assignment of blame and request for a specific remedy.
  • A person can be sued in a civil case and a criminal case for the same Act.
  • In civil case, the person taking the case must convince the Judge that his version of the events is more probable than the version of the person being sued.
  • Civil cases are initiated by an individual or individuals and the Civil Courts decides who is right.
  • Civil matters range from property disputes to breaches of contract to divorce cases. Unless expressly or impliedly barred by any other law in force, civil courts have the jurisdiction to try all suits of civil nature.

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