Civil litigation is a culmination of various acts and rules that aims to render remedies for issues that are of civil or commercial nature.

  • Civil litigation follows a number of procedural steps in order to arrive at the final judgment. Civil suits are mostly related to monetary transactions or property disputes.
  • Civil litigation comes up when one person wrongs another person. Both the persons here are referred to as the parties or litigants.
  • Civil litigation is governed by the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. Additionally, Indian Contract Act, 1872, The Trademarks Act, 1999, The Transfer of Property Act, 1882.
  • The most important stage in litigation is the examination of the witnesses and evidence. In the first hearing of the suit, the Court asks the parties either of them
    agrees or denies the allegations.
  • In civil  litigation , the compensation is given due weightage, unlike criminal litigation wherein punishments and penalties are given weightage

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