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Any layout in the metropolitan area of Bangalore must be approved by the BDA. This is mandatory as per the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961, and BDA Act 1976. So it is essential to make sure that the site you purchase is in a BDA approved layout or has been approved by any other competent authority.

The Karnataka Land Reforms Acts does not allow purchase of agricultural lands by the non-agriculturists; unless it is converted to non-agricultural purpose.

One must always ensure that, the site purchased is used in conformity with the zonal regulations, for example houses for residential purpose should be constructed only in the residential zone.

Legal formalities like tracing the title of the property, verifying the sanction plan, electricity, water, sanitary facilities and relevant sanctions, checking up the plinth area, carpet area and the super built up area are all important aspects to be verified with the help of a qualified professional.

If the purchase is for investment purpose, the chance of resale is the important factor. A developing area is preferable to a developed area. The investment in a developing area is comparatively low and value appreciation will be more.

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