This Book is the guide to purchase the Apartment.

Apartment culture is gradually getting established in all metro cities and people are purchasing flats as they provide security and community living.

Purchase of flats/apartments is an altogether different transaction from that of purchase of an independent house. In addition to the multiple laws governing immovable property transactions, the Apartment Ownership Act and Rules play a very crucial role in the purchase of flats. In addition to the owner, the builder and promoter also comes into the picture and purchaser also finds it difficult to understand the concept of super built-up area, carpet area, common area, amenities, undivided share, formation of Housing Co-operative Societies etc.

This book is a comprehensive one and deals in detail the property laws, taxation selection of a good builder, the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act 1972. The Apartment Ownership Association Bye-laws etc., in a nutshell this book is a compendium for the purchase of flats/apartments, which deals with all the aspects concerning the Apartments/Flats in a comprehensive and simple manner.

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