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Real Estate and Property matters

There are specialist lawyers advising on negotiating, documenting and executing real estate transaction in the Real Estate Team of Universal Legal.Members of the team have also assisted landowners, developers, corporate and private client in acquiring, selling, leasing, licensing industrial commercial and residential property.

More Specilfically our areas of practise include:

  • Real estate Projects
  • Project finance
  • Special Economic zones
  • Joint Development
  • Business conducting and revenue sharing arrangements. Due diligence and title certification

Banking and Finance

Banking and restructuring have been the main areas of practice of our Legal Firm's as High court Advocate. The High court of our firm provides legal advice and assistance in India for Debt recovery, Bad debt, OTS-One time settlement and NPA- Non performing assets.

The High court Advocates of our Legal firm provides services and assistance to the clients in the legal matters and also represent them in the courts of various cities including Bangalore.

Banking law covers a wide aspect and it is very vast which includes regulation of bank, bank officials; non banking institutions that offer bank services. It also covers issues such as deposit and trust account, prohibition against discrimination in the allocation of credit, limitation on the disclosure of financial confidential information, electronic banking and fund transfer system and credit card agreement and services.

Legal Advice:

Kumar Associates is doing following Legal Service :

  • Legal adviser for all services in banking
  • Bank loan matters
  • FEMA compliances
  • NDFC compliances
  • Negotiable instrument act matters,Cheque bouncing matters
  • Asset management
  • Banking regulation law
  • Debt securities
  • Consortium landings
  • Establishment/closure of bank service
  • Foreign exchange
  • Leasing and asset finance
  • Loan documentation
  • Restructing and compliances
  • Securitization of movable assets

Scrutiny of Documents

The purchaser's advocate must first scrutinize the title deed of the property which is the foremost step before entering into an agreement with the seller. A Clean and marketable title free from all doubts and encumbrances vested with physical possession is very important. The ownership of the title holder can be traced from the tile deeds and revenue records. Kumar Associates is highly specialized in the Document Scrutinization in Bangalore.

Legal Documentations

Real estate market strategies, entering into agreements of purchase, sale, and investment and drafting the suitable documents for sale, lease, mortgage, Settlement, gift and power of attorney should be drafted with abundant caution.

Civil Matters

All Civil Suits pertaining to Partition Suits, Injunction Suits, Money Suits, Specific Performance Suits, Ejectment Suit, Suits relating to Partnership, Contract, Rent Control Cases, issues relating to House-owner and Tenant, Fixation of Fair Rent etc., is handled by Kumar Associates.

Family Law

All matters related to Marriage Disputes, Children’s custody, property settlement, adoption and guardianship of minors are settled by our team and also assists the clients with wills, inheritance and gift tax purpose and other family finances and property related matters.

Intellectual Property Law

Universal Legal has also an expertise team in the Intellectual Property, communication and Technology branch to provide service and legal assistance in Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology works (IT).The team has advised both national and international clients in identifying, protecting and enforcing their respectable works. The team provides wide range of IP services to the clients who includes procedural filings, registrations, searches, inspection, negotiations, protection and enforcement, licensing, franchising, advice and representation in all IP claims and disputes. Our practice covers all aspects of patent, trademark and copyright law.

Joint Ventures

An agreement between two companies from different countries or two countries for mutual help is known as Joint venture. Joint Venture is an agreement for mutual help and benefit. It is a type of partnership between countries at international level. Joint means together and venture means project

  • Joint Venture Option and Planning
  • Drafting Joint Venture

In the Property Development (J.D.) M/s.Kumar Associates specialized in the Joint Development Agreement along with G.P.A. It will act as bridge between the land owner and the developer.

Information Technology and Cyber Laws

There has been immense growth of technology in the recent times and with the advent of information technology, the growth in the legal corporate has taken a drastic change. The software and IT companies in destitution need various legal assistance for their establishments and proper functioning. Various legal assistance and expertise are provided by our firm to the companies focusing in modern technology services. The legal expertise includes-Software development agreements, agreement relating to international and domestic venture of companies in Information Technology. Legal security in e-commerce and e-business transactions. Cyber jurisdiction and Indian scenario. Domain name-its formation regarding registration Handling of domain name disputes relating to cyber sqatting,hijacking, concurrent claims etc.Cyber crime disputes.

Criminal Matters

We also deal in criminal case related to Custom, Central Excise Prosecutions, Prevention of Corruption act, white collared economic offences including the offences against the state as defined in the Indian Penal Code. Negotiable Instrument act, private complaints like domestic violence, women harassment, defamation cases are also dealt with by us and appeal before the appellate courts.

  • NRI matters
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Company law
  • Business Law
  • Intellectual Property Law

Corporate & Commercial Matters

The Corporate & Commercial team of Universal Legal has advised on a number of diverse transactions. Members of our team have acted on behalf of venture capitalists, private equity funds, banks, financial institutions, acquirers and sellers in transactions. We have provided on-going support to our clients at all stages of a company's activities from incorporation, business development and restructuring. Further, we have also represented clients in structuring, drafting, negotiating and finalizing of transaction documentation.

Labour, Industrial and Service Laws

Our team of Universal Legal also provides service to labor, industrial and service related issues such as Labor management disputes, industrial unrest, employment and service contracts,appointment,service conditions of labor, payment of minimum wages, bonus pension, gratuity and medical allowences,payment of compensation to the workmen who suffered during the course of employment, disciplinary actions, conducting domestic enquiries, questioning and defending the terminations, promoting the employees, workmen and staffs in the industrial establishments and government service of both sate and central in the Labor Court Labor Welfare Officer, Conciliation meetings convened by the Labor Commissioner, High Court and Industrial Tribunal and Administrative Tribunal.